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Providing families and professionals a high quality, one of a kind tool box. Developed by Child Psychology professionals.

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Why ZingPinMe?

The sooner you seek help the better your child's chances of a happy healthy life. ZingPinMe are here to help you on your journey

ZingPinMe is the program for any 4 to 10 year old who wants to achieve great mental wellness. This program is uniquely designed to teach children fun and useful ways to deal with unhelpful emotions and build resilience.

Evidence Based Therapies

Work through therapies such as Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Play Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness, Relaxation and more. Work at your own pace in your own home.

Interactive Activities

Each activity is complete with a short video with Miss Seri and one of the lovable puppets, helping kids to stay engaged and motivated to the end and beyond.

Weekly Updates

Never lose interest with fun new activities being uploaded each week, plus new tips, advice and help through the Puppet Blog.

How It Works

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Choose A Pathway

Our ever growing pathway list guides a child from goal setting, to completing evidence based activities, to long term planning, to maintain all their hard work.

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Complete Activities

Work thought the activities at your own pace. It is recommended you complete 1-2 activities a week and spend time reflecting on them and using what you have learned over the week. This helps in breaking unhelpful patterns of coping and developing more helpful ones.

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Multiple Pathways, Multiple Experiences

Never get bored with so much to learn and explore with the ZingPinMe puppets. Tune in each week for their weekly tips and tricks on how to manage unhelpful emotions.

Our list of Pathways is growing every day!

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Children's Yoga
  • Dealing with the Townsville Floods 2019
  • Going To The Dentist (coming soon)
  • Toileting Issues (coming soon)
  • Pain Management (coming soon)
  • Bedwetting (coming soon)

Meet The ZingPinMe Family

Meet the ZingPinMe crew, Dilly, Ralphie, Cino, Basil and their pet bird Rosie. These lovable handcrafted characters take you on a journey of building resilience and effective coping strategies for better mental health. You can identify the ZingPinMe crew from the springs sprouting from the tops of their heads, enabling them to bounce back from any situation.

The ZingPinMe crew experience a range of emotions in a time of stress and uncertainty. They spend their time investing in healthy coping strategies and believe that practice and working together at the keys to achieving their mental health goals.


Anger Ambassador

Ralphie is a cranky little guy. The angrier he is the redder he gets. Ralph hates lots of stuff, the tags on his clothes, shoes and socks and many other things. He doesn't deal with things very well and takes his anger out on his friends. Ralph is a short little guy and has red fur. You often see him with cranky eyebrows, perhaps the wind changed and his eyebrows stayed that way. ​


Anxious Ambassador

Dilly is an anxious little ZingPinMe. If there is something to worry about she will, but she is always helpful and loyal to her pals. Her most prized thing in her life is her tiny pink bird 'Rosie'. Dilly is a sweet blue which matches her kind personality. She often gets teased about her big green ears, but she is learning to love herself.


Cruisy Ambassador

Basil is a pretty cruisy ZingPinMe. He goes through life taking a chance and is always a good friend and has a kind heart. He is a very supportive friend and can find the good in almost any situation. You will often find him wearing his headphones as he just loves calming down to some great tunes. Basil is green with purple messy hair and a tail with purple spikes.


Cheeky Ambassador

Cino is a cheekly little fella. He has all kinds of issues with attention, concentration and impulse control but oh he is loveable. He means well but sometimes just does not make the best choices. Cino tries to be careful but he is zooming around, knocking things over and being clumsy. He is scared of needles and does not like going to bed at night. Cino is orange with a stretchy long neck. He has a big orange tail with orange spikes.

About Carolyn

ZingPinMe was created by Carolyn Seri, a creative and imaginative psychologist with over 15 years' experience that works with children.

Carolyn is trained in a number of evidence based therapies such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnosis, Yoga, Animal Assisted Therapy, Play Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Carolyn created ZingPinMe after noticing a large gap for access to mental health care for children in rural and remote Queensland.

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